Design your space, define your lifestyle

Design your space, define your lifestyle

Design your space, define your lifestyleDesign your space, define your lifestyle



Maria A. Aureli

Maria has been practicing architectural design for 24 years. She has  designed residential spaces including renovations, restorations,  additions to existing homes and new construction. She has also designed  business spaces such as the offices of Newport Acupuncture. Her designs  reflect her abliity to listen to her clients and deliver work that will  be appreciated for years to come. Also reflected is her appreciation of  environmental impacts of a building and her consideration of the effects  of nature to create comfortable, welcoming spaces. Specifically,  orienting rooms to capture the best possible natural light for the  application. And, making the most of the orientation to the sun for  heating and cooling rooms. She also focuses on best use of space; taking  into consideration the clients needs and desires, incorporating the  importance of storage space and ease of flow throughout; combining form  and function. She strongly believes in “quality not quantity” focusing  on the finer details, adding character and avoiding massive spaces that  are never comfortable and remain virtually unused.

Raised in New York and Italy, Maria studied art and design at the School of Visual Arts and SUNY.